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The Stories of Lulu

Personal Exhibition – Lilyana Petrova Lulu “ The Sories Of Lulu “ – Galleria D’ Arte MENTANA, Florence, Italy
A cura di, Giovanna Laura Adreani, art Director
Opening 7 October 2017 Galleria Mentana – Florence

“The stories of Lulu” is a cycle of paintings exploring the relationship between people and God, between humanity and the soul, reason and the heart, ideas and actions, dreams and reality, happiness and pain, excitement and calm. The series focuses on different states of mind, and is expressed via vivid stories in paint. These stories are especially interesting for the depth and direction of the journey upon which they take the viewer, and the feelings and thoughts which they provoke. A simple experience transformed into a story told in a surrealistic style, able to send the viewer away, alone with their thoughts, deep in the ocean depths or flying freely among the stars. With these stories Lulu set the foundations of a new cycle of paintings tracing the development of the human being, our development and spiritual realization.